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Chief terms used in discussing literature, literary history and literary criticism.

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An allegory is a narrative, whether in prose or in verse, in which the agents and actions, and sometimes the setting as well, are contrived by the author to make coherent sense on the "literal', or ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

An antihero is the chief person in a modern novel or play whose character is widely discrepant from that which we associate with the traditional protagonist or hero of a serious literary work. ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

An atmosphere is the emotional tone pervading a section or the whole of a literary work, which fosters in the reader expectations as to the course of events, whether happy (or more commonly) ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

Aestheticism, or the Aesthetic Movement, was a European phenomenon during the latter 19th century that had its chief headquarters in France. In opposition to the dominance of scientific thinking, and ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

Antimasque is sa form developed by Ben Jonson and in it the characters are grotesque and unruly, the action ludicrous, the humour broad. The term serves as a foil and is a countertype to the ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

Aphorism is a pithy and pointed statement of a serious maxim, opinion or general truth. One of the best-known aphorisms is also one of the shortest: art is long, life is short. The term occurs first ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

An apologue is a short narrative, in prose or in verse, that exemplifies an abstract moral thesis or principle of human behaviour. It usually states at its conclusion by either the narrator or one of ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

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