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Customer satisfaction - Customer perception of the degree to which their needs were met. Satisfaction can be felt as a reward by the process of good decision taken by the customer ( Piqueras , 2003:3) and on the other hand can serve as reinforcement for the client to re- use the products / services company in question ( Huete , 1998; Skogland and Siguaw , 2004) . Customers who are satisfied with purchase / acquisition of a product / service are more likely to return to use the products / services of this company ( Skogland and Siguaw , 2004) . This means that the satisfaction customer has importance in fostering future business for company , for example , customers who are satisfied with a product distinctive and enduring can convey their satisfaction , it may also function as positive means of expanding the customer base of the company . Companies should be able to guide their activities to the market to get the satisfaction of their customers , knowing and evaluating both the possible discontent arising from activities related to the provision in order to achieve steady growth , based on a global knowledge which will help the overall satisfaction.

Domain: Business administration; Category: Business management

客户满意--客户感知度的到他们的需要得到满足的。满意可以感觉到作为奖励的过程中很好的决定采取的客户 (Piqueras,2003: 3),另一方面可以作为加固为客户重新使用该产品/服务公司问题 (Huete,1998 年 ;Skogland 和 Siguaw,2004年)。是满意 的购买的顾客 / 习得的一种产品 / 服务是更有可能返回用的产品 / 服务的这家公司 (Skogland 和 Siguaw,2004年)。这意味着, 满意客户已经在培养为 公司的未来业务中的重要性,例如,客户满意与 独特的和持久的产品的人可以传达他们的满意程度,它也可以作为扩大本公司的客户基础的积极手段。公司应该能够到市场上获得满意的客户,认识和评价这两个可能的不满,为了实现稳步增长,基于全球知识 有助于整体满意度与提供有关的活动所产生的引导他们的活动。

Domain: Business administration; Category: Business management

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