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Mattel, Inc. is an American toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California. In 2010, it ranked #387 on the Fortune 500.
Ken born on 1961. In the beginning, Ken head could not turn left and right. Ken's hair was plastic at first, but eventually the company started to add real hair because the plastic tends to sag when the doll got wet. Superstar Ken appears with a dimpled smile, a head could turn, folded arms, a physical muscle, jewelry and underwear permanently molded to your body. It's the only boyfriend that Barbie has had in her life.
In 1997, Mattel introduces Becky in the market. Becky is the disabled friend in a wheelchair that Barbie has.
In 1996, Mattel obtained the license covering rights for all programming on Nickelodeon. This channel was the most watched by kids.
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Skipper was born in 1964. she is the little sister of the famous doll, Barbie.