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Also known as investment fraud or stock fraud, is a unlawful practice that attracts investors to purchase on the basis of information that is not true and violates securities laws.

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

A business software management that is usually made of integrated applications that a specific company can utilize. This includes product planning, shipping and payment, marketing and sales, ...

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

Also known as fieldwork, is an information collection that is outside the workplace setting. It involves observing the natural environment of the subject and if possible, mingling with them to obtain ...

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

A systematic and theoretical analysis of the different methods that will be applied in a field of study. It is consists of concepts such as quantitative or qualitative techniques, paradigm, phase and ...

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

A simulation using a network of computers in order to reproduce a phenomenon of a system. This uses abstract model to simulate the phenomenon. Today, this is use in physics, biology, chemistry, ...

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

An easy way of deploying a secondary tier of storing a data that can affect multiple networks of data technologies, in which there is no need for it to be stored in primary storage.

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

A body of procedures and techniques for investigating different phenomena in order to acquire new knowledge or fixing and correcting previous acquired knowledge. This is based on a method of ...

Domain: Accounting; Industrie/Domeniu: General accounting

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