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This is a collaborative effort to build the world's first Microsoft Windows 10 blossary. Please share any terms you find interesting about Windows 10 products and related features.

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Snap Assist is a windows management utility that allows users to arrange open windows such as maximizing and resizing by dragging and dropping a window to different edges of the screen. Originally ...

Domain: Software; Industrie/Domeniu: Operating systems

微软的无线耳机用今年将可用透明、 增强现实型显示调用全息透镜。微软正在与美国航空航天局的喷气推进实验室,给科学研究带来全息透镜合作。构建耳机,Microsoft 创建了一个全息处理单元提供的性能必须要了解你在寻找,你在说什么和什么手势你正在做,空间映射您的环境 ...

Domain: Computer; Industrie/Domeniu: Wireless technology

OneNote is a Windows 10 digital note-taking application that collects users' notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries for free-form information gathering and ...

Domain: Software; Industrie/Domeniu: Productivity software

Microsoft's wireless headset called HoloLens with a see-through, augmented-reality-type display that will be available this year. Microsoft is partnering with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to ...

Domain: Computer; Industrie/Domeniu: Wireless technology

Surface Hub is a Windows 10-powered digital whiteboard aimed at making business meetings more productive. Featuring an 84-inch, 4K touchscreen display, the digital whiteboard allows users to write on ...

Domain: Computer; Industrie/Domeniu: Computer hardware

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Unveiled on September 30, 2014, it is expected to fully be released in ...

Domain: Software; Industrie/Domeniu: Operating systems

Windows 10 helps to protect user credentials when breaches in the data center are encountered. Once it is registered users will get benefit from Microsoft’s Multi-factor security strategy without ...

Domain: Software; Industrie/Domeniu: System software

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