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While most people probably do not consider the contents of their cookbooks to be too strange, to a foreigner your lunch could be the equivalent of a nightmare.

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The puffin is a species of Auk that inhabits the northern hemisphere and its heart is considered a delicacy in Iceland.

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

Nothing more than a fertilized duck embryo, it is boiled alive and viola…the rest is up to you. Eaten in South East Asia, the filipino word balut means "wrapped".

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

Someone was once quoted as saying "The Chinese eat anything with four legs, except tables. And everything that flies, except airplanes". Apparently so. Also known as "Dragon in the Flame of Desire" ...

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

As far as brutality is concerned, this dish is hard to beat. Having been banned in several countries including Australia and Germany it consists of the customer picking out the animal they would like ...

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

Also known as "dead and alive" fish it originated in Taiwan where it is now illegal to prepare. It has recently become popular in China after chefs figured out how to keep the fish alive as it is ...

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

Fugu is Japanese for "pufferfish", and they are poisonous. Japanese law strictly controls their preparation in restaurants and only highly trained chefs are allowed to handle them. They are so ...

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

To make this Scottish meal all you need is a sheep. First, take out the heart, liver, and lungs. Then boil them in the stomach for about three hours. Don't forget the salt.

Domain: Food (other); Industrie/Domeniu: International dishes

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