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The largest manufacturer of confectionery products in the South-Eastern Europe.

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Inside the shiny, satin finish candy coating, enriched with the fine flavour of peppermint oil and hazelnut, hides the famous Kraš chocolate. With this unusual combination, PEPERMINT candy ...

Domain: Candy & confectionary; Industrie/Domeniu: Hard candy

Kraš's MENTOL is distinguished by a mild, refreshing taste, pleasantly cooling the mouth and throat, and refreshing the breath. Sugar-free MENTOL has the same taste as the classic MENTOL. It contains ...

Domain: Candy & confectionary; Industrie/Domeniu: Hard candy

Generations of consumers know well the rich, pleasantly refreshing, fruity taste of this candy. In every bag there is an assortment of lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry and green apple flavours. ...

Domain: Candy & confectionary; Industrie/Domeniu: Hard candy

Bronhi Toffees with no artificial flavours or colours, have all the benefits of a functional toffee, and they are especially beneficial for the airways. Now with Bronhi, breathing made even easier!

Domain: Candy & confectionary; Industrie/Domeniu: Caramels

In addition to bright modern packaging and a whole bunch of new KI-KI clowns, all of old Ki-Ki recipes have been improved.Having no artificial flavours or colours, with addition of fruits, vitamins ...

Domain: Candy & confectionary; Industrie/Domeniu: Caramels

Kraš produces a wide range of candies in different flavours, shapes and colours. Hard and hard filled candy, candy enriched with vitamins, fine functional KIKI and Bronhi toffees are all some of the ...

Domain: Candy & confectionary; Industrie/Domeniu: Hard candy; Caramels

Kraš´s Jaffa is a combination of a tasty soft sponge base with a delicious orange jelly covered in chocolate – is a fine confectionery for every occasion. The secret of Jaffa lies in an interesting ...

Domain: Baked goods; Industrie/Domeniu: Cookies

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