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These terms will help you understand the reality of emergency intervention and humanitarian aid.

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Un socio operativo, generalmente una organización sin fines de lucro nacional, que firma un contrato y recibe fondos para realizar un proyecto o algunos de sus componentes.

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

OCHA (office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs) is part of the United Nations Secretariat. Its mission is to ensure a coherent response to humanitarian emergencies by coordinating ...

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

Wasting means being dangerously underweight as a consequence of loss of fat and muscle mass. Wasting is usually caused by low nutrient intake and loss of nutrients due to illness.

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

Stunting children are too short for their age. Stunting is a consequence (or adaptation strategy) to chronic children malnutrition and/or repeated acute infections.

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

The term livelihood refers to the activities and strategies through which people earn an income and provide for themselves and for their families. Livelihood programs target vulnerable rural and ...

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

A population is food secure when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. Dietary needs and food preferences must be also met.

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

An operational partner, usually a national non-for-profit organization, who signs an agreement and receives funds to realize a project or some of its components.

Domain: Non-profit organizations; Industrie/Domeniu: Advocacy

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