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Classroom teaching terms including beginning of the lesson, classroom management, question types, eliciting, timing, etc.

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質問のフォーム: 宣言ステートメント、処方箋、困惑、明らかに誤った提案、手の込んだ、招待状の宣言故意に沈黙、未完成の文、ギャップ文。 の質問の焦点: 具体的な質問、言語現実対対グローバル 。 可能な質問に答え: 代替 vs.wh の質問, 収束発散質問対対極。 の質問のコミュニケーション値: 参照の質問、認識質問対エコー対表示 。 思考の質問の性質: 背景質問対推論, 高次質問対低順序対リ ...

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

Ääni- ja visuaaliset apuvälineet opetuksessa prosessi ovat: realia, flashcards, kuvia ja julisteita, piirtoheittimet, kasetti ja soittimien ja tietokoneiden.

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

Actual objects and items which are brought into a classroom as examples or as aids to be talked or written about. Examples may include such things as photographs, articles of clothing, kitchen ...

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

A technique commonly used in language teaching for practising sounds or sentence patterns in a language, based on guided repetition.

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

Error treatment is used for: showing incorrectness, guiding the students towards correction, referring the treatment to peers, giving the correction.

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

Feedback is important for three reasons:it is an inevitable constituent of classroom interaction; the teacher enables the students to check their own performance and monitor the progress of their ...

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

Audio and visual aids in teaching process are: realia, flashcards, pictures and posters, overhead projectors, cassette and video players and computers.

Domain: Education; Industrie/Domeniu: Teaching

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