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Why is corruption not ending?

Most of the country is suffering with poverty because of this corruption. When will this end and make country rich by not having a single poor family or person .
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  • Created: 06:24, 31 January 2012

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too many politicians in this world ;)

02:31, 20 May 2014


Because of power. When politician gains power, all that was promised to the citizens are forgotten, politician starts to pursue own interest for self and close friends and relatives. They have the power (although no right) to do so.

03:17, 6 May 2012


i think that coruption will never stop cause it becames like sight in huaman corp being

08:48, 3 February 2012


To say that the corruption will not end is a negative answer.If u wish to end it it will end. Therefore the start for corruption free nation is playing a big role in our society!!

04:38, 4 February 2012


I think this has a lot to do with the fact that there is not an abundance of goods available for everyone. Marx has talked about this in depth in his theory on communism.

00:35, 2 February 2012


As long as we live in a system like this corruption will exist!

02:49, 17 February 2012


As long as human beings are not perfect, corruption will exist.

02:40, 17 February 2012

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